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“Lana was such a great asset on my last shoot— professional and a joy to work with. I’ve since asked her to work on several other projects, because I just trust her eye to find a special moment in the midst of all the chaos.”

James Ward Byrkit – Director, Coherence


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...professional and a joy to work with...

The Garage Sale

“I’m not sure how Lana gets her shots as I never saw her. She instinctively knew what was important. And when she would reveal herself (for lunch or in between shots), her positivity was contagious. I can’t imagine filming without her.”

Molly Hagan – Actress (Sully, Election), Producer, The Garage Sale


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...I can't imagine filming without her...

The Boxer

“I’ve known Lana for many years and I will not hire any other photographer. Beyond her amazing and warm people-skills, and her intuitive understanding of set and how it functions, her work consistently captures a fabulous story. Lana is a joy to have on set and an artist in her own right.”

Michael Silver – Actor, Writer, Director


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...I will not hire any other photographer...

Life of a Gigolo

“Lana’s shots are stunning, and the best part is I didn’t know she was even taking them! Well, actually the best part was that she was so easy to have on set and had such a calming energy. She’s the only photographer I recommend to anyone looking for on-set photos, and she’s the only one I’ll be using from now on.”

Summer Slim – Producer, Life of a Gigolo


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...the only photographer I recommend...


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